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Love is the one thing
death can not take.
Love is the one bond,
that nothing can break.
Love is a cord
that time can not sever...
Yes love is eternal,
Love is Forever.
A Rose among the tears I shed
lies quietly on you grave,
And though I'm trying very hard
I feel I am not brave.
For missing you is the hardest thing
my heart has ever known.
And I just want to be with you
instead of here alone.
But now is not the time for me
to go where you have gone.
So in your footsteps I shall walk,
untill I see the dawn.
For that is where I know that I
shall find your soul to be.
And then the shadow of your grave
will lose it's hold on me.
Adam is  my great nephew, but seems so much closer than that to me. His grandmother and I are the same age and grew up together. Adam's  mother is like my own. She is one of the most giving people I know.
We lost Adam on June 28, 2001 to a drug overdose. It was  not something he meant to do. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Adam was at home that night when some friends came by with some Oxy Contin pills. From what we have been able to find out his so called friends crushed some of the pills up and Adam snorted them. How many there were we don't know. But it was enough to take his young life from us and send him on to be with God.
Adams body just wasn't able to withstand the drug. So when it looked like he wasn't going to  make it his "friends" dragged him into his room and put him on the bed, where they left him.
About ten oclock or so the next morning his brother found him there. But it was too late for anyone to help my little nephew. He was gone.
His mother waged a war to have the ones who brought the drugs into his home tried for his death, but nothing she did brought any justice.
So we are left to travel this earth alone and wait untill we can be with him in heaven.
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Adam, today (April 4th, 2005 ) is your twenty second earthly birthday..  We still miss you as much today as we did almost four years ago when you went to be with JESUS. 
But we know that we will join you soon and rejoice around the throne of our Lord forever more.
I wanted to thank Saralyn and the others for leaving the birthday wishes for Adam.
This is his third birthday in HEAVEN.
Please take time to place a vote for Adam's site
This (April 4th, 2006)  is your twenty third earthly birthday.  In one way it seems like you have been gone forever.  But in another way it is like you just left.  We miss and love you very much
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