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John William Parker
March 20, 1995
May 17, 1997
The Story of Our Angel
It all started with a blessing from God. On March 20, 1995, a precious little boy was born to Wyatt and Tina Parker. We loved our little man the first time we layed eyes on him. But at the time, we didn't know what a true blessing he would be. We didn't have too many years with our son J.W. We only had two short years with him. But those were the BEST two years of my life, and the happiest. Our son J.W. was always a sweet baby, never gave me any trouble, only when he was angry or wet or tired. He was a good natured boy and so easy going. As time went on J.W. was truly a little man. He was so quiet and loving. He taught so many how to love and be loved. He taught so many things to others for being as young as he was. He truly was a gentle soul. I believe some people are just too good for this world and I believe that J.W. was one of those people. My little man was my shadow, my first son. He was the apple of my eye, he was my heart.

I truly miss that boy so very much, as I know his dad does too. Men grieve different, his dad doesn't talk much about it, but I know that he loves J.W. as much as I do and misses him just as much. We never thought we would lose our son, we never thought of him leaving this world before we did. But he got his angel wings on May 17, 1997. Just three weeks after his little sister Mary was born. It was a good day to start with. My hubby and daughter and J.W. had been outside for sometime that day.  And things happened and J.W. was exploring. I was in the house feeding Mary. All of a sudden I heard a loud blowing of a horn and then brakes of a car, and then a loud boom sound.  I went outside to see what happened. A little while later, my husband was coming around the corner of the house with our son in his arms.

I looked at my hubby with such tears in his eyes, and I saw he was holding our son. Our sons eyes were half open and half closed. When I saw his eyes, I knew he had left this world. All I could say was no.  Our son didn't make it. We got to say good bye to him in the ER, and that was also so hard. Having to leave your child and not bring him home. We still miss our little man so much. Some days are harder than some. Things that day don't add up about who hit him, we still don't know the truth. But I pray one day we will. J.W. your memory will always live on. You are NEVER forgotten. We all love and miss you so very much.

Sueann, I want to thank you again with all of my heart for doing something special for me. Thank you for giving me a place where I can visit my son and others can too. So his memory can live on in others........

I miss you and love you so very much my little man!!!!! "I love you J.W.!!!!" Love Mama
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