In Loving Memory of Our Son

Nathan Trevor Sondergeld



How very softly you tiptoed into my world,
almost silently and only a moment you stayed
But what an imprint,
your footprints have left upon my heart.


Our Angel, Nathan Trevor was born and went to Heaven on October 16, 1993. He passed from bilateral renal agenesis or what is otherwise known as Potter's Syndrome. This means that his kidneys never developed. The condition is always fatal. Babies produce amniotic fluid through the urinary system and Nathan was never able to produce fluid because he had no kidneys. The fluid helps develop the lungs. He had no fluid to develop the lungs, and was never able to process oxygen, even with the help of a respirator. Potter's Syndrome is rare and little is know about it.

"He may be gone from this earth,
but he will remain in our hearts forever."


~My First Child~
by Cyndy

You were my first child I held in my arms.
I'm so sorry that you couldn't stay.
You were so tiny when you touched this world.
So perfect and precious, almost every way.
You are still my precious little one.
Even though we're far apart,
I will always remember you.
Forever you'll stay inside my heart.

Copyright 1997
Precious Children Remembered
Used by Permission





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