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You can see what files need to be edited, worked on, or what needs done to help Imporve the site!

What we need done is:

  • downloads made
  • articles written(about anything having to do with the sims)
  • Other Sims 2 sites found for "Other Sites" section
  • Snapshots found and made to fit "650x488"
  • Downloads publisher
  • For each of the following sections there will be a creator, editor, and publisher.

  • Downloads*
  • Snapshots
  • Other Sites

  • *there may be more then one creator for the downloads section.
    **If someone can do more than thing that would be very helpful. Also I need people to be message board admin. Sign up! Learn more!
    8.14 There are more downloads! Also the downloads part of the site has a new look click here to check see it.

    8.08 You can buy a TS1 game or expansion pack and get another one free through mail in rebate click here to check it out.

    8.06 The Othersites part of the site is finished, and now you can also put your own site on there too!

    8.03 Now when you go to the downloads section you can send in your own downloads.

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