Thank you for visiting our link site for military support. We hope you will find this site informative and well equiped with information that will aid and enhance your current knowledge.  Our goal is to provide assistance to service members, military families, upcoming recruits, veterans, and the curious, to all the benifits and support our great country offers to those who have and continue to  pledge their lives to protect the freedoms we all too often take for granted.  My husband and I thank you for the sacrifices of those who are a part of our military family.  This is our way of "taking care of our own."  God Bless you, and God Bless the USA.

Doug currently serves as an NCO in the USArmy. He survived the sands of Desert Storm and an additional tour to Kuwait. He suffered the loss of his marriage after a hardship tour to Korea.  He enjoys the "prior service" label he wears, after a break in service with an aviation and intelligence reserve unit.  He left a lucrative management career in computers to put on his army boots once more.  Needless to say, I am very proud of him.

During Desert Storm, these precious children you see in the picture above, were cared for by my son's  veteran father while I served as a member of the Army's medical team as a respiratory therapist.  Sadly the marriage didn't survive the war, as many others also failed.  Upon return, I lost a girlfriend to a vicious murder due to a request for divorce.  I left the Army in 1992.   I am honoured to be Mrs. Sgt. West.  As a military dependent wife now, my goal is to assist a greater understanding of our serving spouses in hopes of enabling soldiers and their spouses to deepen the commitment so crucial for our military families.

If you need information or assistance in locating information, direction, or simply a friend, we can be reached via email  below.

Sgt. Robert West

Mrs. Sgt. (Dawn)  West
We are currently working on this page.  Links will be added on a regular basis.  Again we thank your for visiting this link page.

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