Alva Keel
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Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
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Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
Alva Keel
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The Keel Deal, Page One
'The Main Manse'
A Place of Worship for Alva Keel (and His Alter Ego, actor Angus Macfadyen)
Open 24/7 - Coffee and Doughnuts Served.
Verily Do We Offer the Real Deal on Alva Keel...
... Intelligent.       2... Mysterious.
... Drop Dead Gorgeous in a Nummy Scots Sort of Way.
... Censored Due to PG Rating of Site...
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Welcome .Wav
Above for
Welcome .Wav!
Save Miracles Site have just stumbled upon the unholiest fan site on-line, trust us...
There is naught here but a chance
to visit for a brief spell, savor a mug
of freshly brewed java, and sit back
and admire/lust-after our favourite good/evil paranormal/abnormal
investigator of holy/unholy stuff,
Alva Keel (wonderfully
portrayed by
Angus Macfadyen)
of the currently-shelved/screwed-over
ABC (insert epithets here) television series,
... Enjoy yourself!
(Just make certain to keep
the faith and the coffee hot...)
Have a nice day!
Kindest Regards, "AlvaFan"
...Starring Angus Macfadyen
Disclaimer: There is no intent on this Web page
to infringe upon anyone's legal copyright/s.
This site has been created solely as an entertainment source
and to express appreciation and great admiration
Miracles and the creator/s of the 'Alva Keel'
character, especially his portrayer,
Mr. Angus Macfadyen.
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