AE82 Supercharged
Welcome to my Toyota Corolla web page.  Now converted to a Rally car with the aid of a 4A-GZE supercharged engine and a load of safety gear.

I've also had a Rear wheel drive AE86 Coupe that did some track days.
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The cars:
AE82 Power
Supercharged AE82 Corolla
AE86 Corolla GT Coupe
Rest of the fleet: Nissan GT, EE80....
Des and Al racing - Locost racing
Team Dandism - MR2 Sprinting
Technical bits:
4A-GE engines
4A-GZE engines
Events page!
My Info:
Name: Allister
Email: AE82supercharged
Visitors since Oct 2002:
Last updates: 9 May 2006
NEW: Second Rally writeup here!
NEW: Fleet and my old cars page updated
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