Private Investigation

The Ivy League Murder Mystery

In August, when I was flipping through the new issue of Vanity Fair, I saw an article called "Letter from the Ivy League---Murder Most Yale" by Suzanna Andrews. That was the first time I know about Suzanne Jovin, the Yale senior who has been murdered in last December near the campus.

After reading the article, I found this case very unusual since so far, no one is arrested for this crime and it is indeed more mysterious than any whodunit fictions. Under curiosity, I started to search for other information of this case and analyse on them. So this site is the collection of my work on this case.

I am sorry if you find this site boring and too plain, because as a respect to all the people involved in this case, I have decided to make this site as plain and information-based as possible.

As I am just a person who live in far far away from Yale, my information may have errors. SO if anyone who have found anything wrong, please don't hesistate to send me an email or go to the Bulletin Board to tell me about it. Thank you.

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