My Questions


This is obviously a tentative identification that could be highly biased by the television-news context in which it was made. But think about this, it may be a good thing for Van de Velde to be that person she saw. If he was that white guy behind Jovin and he was the killer, what he did was catching up with Jovin and talked to her. Then he had to use his car to bring her to 1.7 miles away at the intersection of Edgehill and East Rock Road to kill her because she was found dying there. But the whole thing doesn't make sense. If he walked behind Jovin at the College Street, suppose he was stalking her , how come his car would be nearby for him to drive Jovin away? OK. It is a possibility that he parked his car there deliberately so he could drive her away. But this is a very unlikely one because he wouldn't know Jovin would use the roundabout way, i.e. going north on College Street, to go home even he knew she was going home. Even his car "coincedently" was there at College Street, so he could use it to drive Jovin away, it could easily be seen as a set-up. If I were Jovin, I would think, why Van de Velde would park his car so far away that he had to walk there along College Street to get it back? This just doesn't seem right. If I were asked to get into his car, I would say "No." in any circumstances. OK. Let say she DID climb in a car with Van de Velde, why drive a half-mile past his house and kill her on a corner? It also doesn't make sense. So it may be a good thing instead for Van de Velde to be proved that he WAS there behind Jovin.


Why so sure the noise was made by Jovin and the killer? What if it was just an arguing couple who happened to pass there moments before Jovin was sent there. Instead of being killed there, she might be stabbed somewhere else and the killer dumped her body there.


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