I watch TV



I am a TV fan, that's no doubt about it.

I watch a lot of them, but at the same time, I do not watch a lot of them.

So, what exactly do I watch on TV normally?


xfiles.jpg (61038 bytes)The X Files


sopranos.jpg (33432 bytes)The Sopranos


westwing_fd.jpg (40552 bytes)The West Wing


FRIENDCAST.JPG (36321 bytes)Friends


allymcbeal.jpg (32342 bytes)Ally McBeal (only with

                                Robert Downey Jr.)


danny.jpg (10423 bytes)NYPD Blue


daveletterman.jpg (5372 bytes)Late Show With

                   David Letterman


jamieoliver.jpg (8383 bytes)The Naked Chef


ianWright.jpg (20073 bytes)Lonely Planet

                       (Pilot Guides)


seinfeld.jpg (43614 bytes)Seinfeld


homersimpson.gif (3967 bytes)The Simpsons


andyrooney.jpg (8661 bytes)60 Minutes

                                       (only With Andy Rooney)




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