September 30, 1999.

Watching "Elizabeth"...

Today is holiday. So I headed to a cinema to watch, to me, the most awaiting movie of this year---"Elizabeth". Yeah. Some of you may think, what? You couldn't get a chance to see it until now? Yeah. We're in Hong Kong. I know the distributors always have reasons to show great movies late.

Anyway. I was a bit late when I went in. But that's ok. I don't think I've missed a lot. Just a minute or so. I dunno how to describe this movie. It's so shocking and I kept feeling uneasy when I watched it.
Let me, in short, describe the plot. It's about what happened during the first few years of Queen Elizabeth I's monarchy. As a woman, she had to face a lot of difficulties. For example, the religious conflicts and other people's secret plots of taking her throne. But most of all, her love.

I can see Elizabeth I was a kind woman. She felt so guilty when she knew she had to eliminate her enemies. But sometimes when you have to achieve something, you HAVE to be cruel and to have a heart as hard as a stone. I'm not sure if this rule of surviving still works now in the society. But that definitely worked in the past, especially at the time of empires ruling the countries. In the movie, everybody seem to be cold-blooded in order to get what they wanted. Robert, her love, is very much a fool. To other people, he may have betrayed Elizabeth. But what he did was just for her sake. It's so sad when a man loves a woman so much that he could betray his conscience. I just said the movie's shocking is because the feeling of Elizabeth I is so strong that it kept striking the audience. And I could say her life is very much a tragedy, though she became the most successful queen of England and brought England to her "Golden Age". I thought she'd prefer to be the princess forever so she could enjoy her beautiful relationship with Robert and keep away from the cruel reality in the empire. But, in second thought, if she hadn't been the queen, she might never know that who are the good and bad guys and what she was supposed to do in her life. Maybe, she was born to be a Queen and rule the England.

Cate Blanchett is just perfect in the movie(How could she lose to Gwyneth Paltrow anyway?) Every move and expression she did was so good that I was convinced that she was actually the real Elizabeth I. My heart ached when she cut all her hair and painted her face with white coloring. I guess this is a way to cover her true emotions to be noticed by other people. A truly brave woman, the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I.

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