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Hi there! Thankx for dropping by!

They say that you need a lot of time to build up your own Place. Yeah. That's true. Just like building and decorating a real apartment, I've spent most of the time to think. But finally, I got a kinda rough idea what I'm gonna do.

So, here it is. My Place.

This site's been updated on May. 30...


These are the stuff I've got so far in my Place:

  ADELE'S JOURNALupdate.gif (2207 bytes)

I'm no celebrity. But I guess it's still worth to take a look at my journals.

Adele's Central Perk is my forum. Go there and express your opinion on any topics!

Adele's Story Board!

Adele's Story Board is a place where you can submit stories and read other people's stories!

The Real Adele update.gif (2207 bytes)

Go take a look at the real ME! @

Little Adele

A few photos of mine when I was young...


Adele's Timetableupdate.gif (2207 bytes)

Check out my timetable for this semester, so youknow when to ask me out!

Adele's Currency Converter!

Wanna know the updated exchange rate of any currency? Try my Currency Converter!

7J Friends List

A list set up to serve my 7J classmates! Take a look, 7J!

Adele's Pet!

I just adopted a little bastard recently. Go take a look...

The Ivy League Murder Mystery

This is a private investigation I did during the summer about the mysterious death of a Yale's senior.

The Post Soeharto Era

This is the mid-term essay I did for International Relations class. Worth take a look if you wanna know more about the most troublesome country in the world --- Indonesia.

Adele's Fave Movies

Check out which movies I like most!

Adele's Fave Links

Take a look at where I hang out at the Web a lot!

Adele's Fave Music


@ Adele's TV

What TV do I watch?

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If you like, please sign my guestbook to earn yourself a spot in my page! Any criticism is welcome!

Email me!

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I'm an X-Phile!

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