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I just got a pet recently and instantly got hooked. It is not an usual pet and not many people will love it. But I just fell in love with it instantly. When the first one died 14 days after its birth, I was heartbroken. Now, I hope the new one can grow up healthily...

You must be wondering what the hell I was talking about. What kind of pets will die that easily? Well, I forgot to feed it for one that's totally my fault... Still have no idea what I'm saying... OK then. Take a look at a photo of my pet first before I go on...

Keep scrolling down...

Ok. Here it is. My dear new pet---"PortaMonkey!"

Well, yes. This is my new pet. It is a digital monkey lives in my Palm. It is nothing like Tamagotchi (Man! Hell knows where my little Tamagotchi is now...) and in some...I mean in many ways, it's a lot more nasty than its ancestors.

Why is it nasty? Well, from what you can see above, I think you kinda got the idea already. Well, first of all, it just loves to pee and poo in front of you. Then it got this "special" friend---The little Bunny. When it gets horny and requires to do a certain kind of "activity" to decrease its libido, the little Bunny is there for it. (I don't think I should go into details of this activity, or else I'd be banned by IMS Netteens again.) This little bastard loves sodas, but frankly you can't give it any 'coz it'll go crazy after drinking it.

Unlike Tamagotchi, it won't alert you to feed it or clean it up. So you HAVE to be alert!

PortaMonkey is created by Minor Demons, two extremely creative and sarcastic programmer and designer who release great programs for Palm and Handspring. Their other programs include Gaydar and HellClock. And I got them all.

If you like to adopt my little bastard too, you can go to Minor Demons to check it out. Or you can simply download it by clicking the logo below:

From now on, I will start to concentrate on recommending Palm programs I enjoy using. The programs can be used in Palm and Handspring. If you wanna know more about these two amazing products, please click on their icons below.

Palm Inc.........

In the meantime, let me continue to enjoy of being a monkey's mother...

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