March 27, 2001.

Traffic and Oscars...


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This is the last day of the beautifully looooooooong census holiday and I need to get prepared to go to school again tomorrow. It's been quite meaningful, but if you ask me what I have done, well, I can't answer you.

Well, I did go see a movie, read some books (on Marxism and Leninism and Mao Zedong, for Christ's sake), go to a memorial service and watch Oscars.

I saw Traffic. It's a lot of fun to see this, coz it has so much to tell the audience and when the movie ended, you still feel like wanting more. Benicio Del Toro was great, but that also applies to the whole cast. If you paid attention, you might be able to notice Julia Roberts' beau Benjamen Blatt in a cameo. And though you could only see him for less than 5 minutes, gosh, he's superb. While some other movies of this year concentrated on the main cast only (Erin Brokervich, Castaway and Gladiator, to name a few), Traffic is something what you can truly call as a TEAMWORK.

The reason I saw Traffic the first day it opened is because of Benicio Del Toro. He was name as the Best Actor in many award ceremonies this year. But at the same time, he's the Best Supporting Actor of this year's Oscars. How do you define if an actor a main one or a supporting one in a movie anyway?

I once heard that, to define this, you have to figure out if that character is the one who's leading the story. Traffic is a movie telling three stories. Javier (Benicio Del Toro's character) is the main character of one of the stories. And what he did somewhat intervene or even move another story (Michael Douglas') forward. But in my point of view, every single character in the movie should be treated as a supporting actor if according to the awards shows' standards.

I watched the Oscars yesterday morning, and gosh, I miss Billy Crystal. Steve Martin was fine. But as what he said, "Doing the Oscars is like having sex with a beautiful woman, I can only do it when Billy Crystal is outta town." Yeah. After so many years, with David Letterman, or Whoopi Goldberg, or Steve Martin yesterday, no one can really replace Billy Crystal. Dave's too harsh (and with bad luck also. Notice that after so many years, he still shows regretness of his performance that night), Whoopi's too boring and Steve's simply too plain. (Did you notice that the best jokes yesterday all came from the presenters and winners?)

Best moments of yesterday:

School starts tomorrow and I got loads of works to finish. Although you might be complaining already about this site's SLOW updating rate, this will get slower in the future because of my heavey work load. Anyway, take care, guys.


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