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OK. Think about this:

you're alone in your friend's room and you saw her/his diary right in front of you on the desk. Like it's waiting for you to read it. So, you carefully opened it and read about the most unbelivable facts of your friend.

Betcha do, huh?

No big deal.

That's a human being's instinct so I can totally understand it. That's why I made this page to let you read someone else's diary. In my life so far, I've tried many times to keep a diary. But I never could coz I'm extremely lazy and I can never keep doing something as a habit.

So, instead of calling this a diary, I called this my Journal.


07.02.02> >>>I was there (sort of)
05.30.02> >>>Holga, Holga
05.25.02> >>>Gosford Park
05.24.02> >>>Being a Journalist
03.29.02> >>>HKIFF, Easter and Lone Gunman
03.09.02> >>>Director, Things in Life and Lingnan U

>>>What is wrong with the world?

11.12.01> >>>Croupier
09.28.01> >>>Crusade VS. Jihad
09.16.01> >>>While we all blame Osama bin Laden for what happened in the US last Tuesday...
08.04.01> >>>The Stupid W. ?
07.17.01> >>>Politics...Again
05.19.01> >>>Politics
05.17.01> >>>Jumping off the roof
04.26.01> >>>Medecins sans Frontieres, The West Wing and Hong Kong
03.27.01> >>>Traffic and Oscars
02.09.01> >>>Shower and Cheese
12.22.01> >>>George Clooney
From '99> >>>Adele's Journal Archive


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