Step 1!!

Before you start submitting your story, there are some points I wanna remind you first:

1. You are free to submit any stories to me. Any kinds and any topics are welcome.

2. Stories with adult contents may not be published onto this site.

3. Adele (that's me) is the only person who has the right to choose which stories to put onto her site.

4. You have to understand that, though you can submit any stories, Adele does not have the obligations to publish them all.

5. By submitting your stories to this site, you have to expect that anyone will be able to read them. In other words, by submitting your stories here, you agree to give up the copyright of them. Adele or this site do not bear the responsibility to protect the copyright of your stories.

6. Don't take these points too seriously, and try to have fun by submitting your stories to Adele's Story Board.

7. If you don't give a damn of what is being told here, then...


If you wanna be a Reader instead, please go back to Adele's Story Board to start again!

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