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Confidential Dossier

File # 33432-24W9340-54Y3250-4209A9


Target's Name: Winnie Yeung

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(Stolen from target's hard drive. A Holga pic.)


Adele Corners

Age: 20
D. O. B. :


Location: Hong Kong
Occupation: Student

Major:  English Journalism    

School Attended:

Pooi To Primary School (Kindergarten)  

Good Hope School (Primary Section)     

Good Hope School                       

St. Clare's Girls' School              

Chu Hai College                        

Hong Kong Baptist University          


Target's pictoral history...


Using PDA: Palm III (probably used to carry spy activities)

Hobbies:    Seeing movies, watching TV, listening to music, reading books, writing, doing studies on Indonesin politics, Ancient Egyptian civilization and unsolved cases                                                               

Personal Heroes: Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton

Target's Timetable

The Movies this target likes

The TV this target likes

Target's Email address: adele@alloymail.com


Target's ICQ #: 23129872

Target's URL:



http://adele.hk.st (Chinese Version)


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