What I can expect

I have still very little feeling in the skin of the flap, nor on the underside of the first three toes. This has got a little better (I was getting phantom pains for a while. Perhaps this was the nerves rebuilding). I have enough feeling in the depth of my foot to walk normally. And I can tell from the feeling alone when the foot is too swollen, and that I should put it up.

I have very little feeling a good 5cm (2in) either side of the scar on my back (the source of the flap). This has improved somewhat, and perhaps will further.

I imagine, I will always have to be careful with the foot. It will never heal as quickly, will always be more susceptible to swelling up (oedema). As I don’t have any feeling in the underside of the foot, I will have to be very careful about blisters, stones in the shoe, and generally doing too much.

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