Occasionally photographs or information appears about a 1-ton, but without an specific information. I have listed some such vehicles, and what details I know, here.

STK801L appears to be ex-electricity board. It is no longer on the road, but was obviously much cherished. A V8 was fitted and both front and rear winches.

HOW221N is obviously ex-southern electricity, but has lost its winch and been fitted with a truck cab and 3/4 tilt. It was last seen in Ireland.

SPD604L also appears to be ex-southern electric, but is registered in Kent. This could be a cherished transfer. Other photos show the vehicle was light green originally, and was rebuilt at Dunsfold with a 2.25 diesel engine. It was apparently rolled and scrapped many years ago. It had an SEB-modified side opening tailgate and retained the hydraulic winch.
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