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Unfortunately for me, the 1-Ton story does not simply end with the chassis numbers detailed elsewhere, as the 1-Ton was linked to other vehicles.
I have recently had contact with the motor heritage centre at Gaydon, and whilst information is a little vague, they suggest that the infamous shorland armoured car may well have been  built on RHD Export 1-Ton chassies. I have indeed seen a Shorland with the body removed which clearly resembles a 1-ton being fitted with front and rear ENV axles, drop shackles and heavy-duty springs. The one or two I have had chassis numbers for however would put them as RHD Export six cylinder utilities, rather than 1-Tons. As only 64 RHD Export vehicles were built I am inclined to think the Shorland was built on another sequence, but was basically 1-Ton specification, either supplied by Land-Rover or modified by Shorts. Further research would suggest in fact that the Shorland preempted the 1-ton by a few years, I understand starting in 1964, so engineering for the Shorland may well have contributed to the eventual design of the 1-ton.

The TACR1 airfield crash rescue tender was another version of 1-Ton, or at least some of them were. 22 IIA models built on the 231 prefix chassis sequence with the 2.25 petrol engine. These were all delivered in "Mist White" to the RAF at Ashton Down, Gloucestershire between 1970 -1971. Not many seem to have survived however. They were on ENV axles and were in all respects just a 1 ton with the 2.25 petrol engine instead of the 2.6. The Series 3 vehicles were closer to being a combat chassied 109 running on 900s, as they lacked the ENV axles, although some did have a Salisbury front axle as per the later series 3 1-tons. The Series 3 vehicles all seem to have been built on 911 prefix chassis numbers (making them 2.25 petrol 3/4 ton basics). The vehicles themselves seem to have changed over tme, as one fairly early one has salisbury axles front and rear, wheras most of the survivors (or whats left of them) have rover front axles. Was this a build specification or just something the military did? The makers plate and military specification plates actually identify the TACR1 as a 1 ton vehicle, seemingly ignoring landrovers own specification.
The norwegian Military also used vehicles with low ratio transfer boxes, but on 7.50x16 tyres, but were apparently supplied with 8.25x16 tyres when new(although some sources suggest they had 900x16s to start with). I have no information if this was a common fitment, or any other knowledge of these vehicles.

Some UK Market 1-Tons were also supposedly fitted with standard gearboxes and 7.50x16 tyres, although I only know of two in that set up, one an ex-breakdown truck, the other a fire engine, but I have yet to confirm if this was factory fitment or owner modification. I expect there are very rare if they are factory as they kind of defeat the point of a 1-Ton.

I have been told that nobody ever made overdrives for the 1-Ton Gearbox but I have to say I am not fully convinced by this as one has apparently surfaced on a gearbox in a scrap series III around a large-diameter mainshaft which implies it may well be a 1-Ton gearbox. I have not been able to confirm if this was a series-production item, something I consider very unlikely considering the scarcity of the 1-ton even when in production, or a home-made or modified overdrive.
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