26600087B - Series III One Ton
MRX283L is a Series III One Ton owned by David Evans (now Paul Pryer) and is another ex-electricity board vehicle.Original registration was in Reading, within the Southern Electricity region. It is fitted with a Dowty Oil Pump PTO, and came with an Hydraulic winch.It has now been fitted with a full soft top as well as having been repainted and generally reconditioned. This vehicle was built on 30/12/1972, in light green and delivered to Henleys of London. MRX has now changed hands see here for more information.This vehicle is belived to be one of a batch of about 10 vehicles in the MRX***L series, belived to have started at 281 and thought to have ended at 288 - most of these vehicles have since been scrapped.
David has now sold the vehicle to an enthusiast (and friend of mine) who inteneds to restore it to its original condition as it would have been with the electricity board.Click
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