22300037G - OXC928J - Ex Rover Service One Ton
Now owned by Ben Williams, this vehicle is a very unusual find. It was built with LHD, and then converted to RHD and used by Rover Service Dept at Solihull. It has a host of period options, including heated screen and full cab lining. It is thought the vehicle had a factory fitted side-opening tailgate, which was a German market fitment. This would explain the vehicle being LHD originally and probably the host of optional extras too. Ben makes a great deal of use of this 1-ton and it has recently been to Ireland and back on a short holiday. Ben`s longer term plan is to restore the vehicle to be closer to its factory speification, which will include a repaint in the correct shade of Marine Blue, and the hard top sides and roof going back to Limestone. Ben is still researching the original use of this vehicle but it appears to have had some kind of gantry on the back where the door would be, and the door is clearly a lot newer than the rest of the vehicle.
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