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We started our 3 week tour with our good friends in California. After visiting San Diego Wild Animal Park, where we fed giraffes and rhinos, we set off by train to Flagstaff and on to the Grand Canyon. Much is said about this marvel, but it is something you have to see to appreciate.
Even better is to hike into it. We had 2 day hikes into the canyon. This gave us a completely different perspective of what you see at the rim.
Then the worst flight of our lives to Las Vegas, with BAD turbulence every minute of the way. One night on the strip (enough), then on to Utah for a week of hiking in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Fantastic hiking country- some of the most spectacular landscapes around- Arches was good for ...erm, arches?,. and Canyonlands just for its vast open spaces and its rocks.
Then on up to Jackson and the Tetons in our hire car. It was early May, and the town was very quiet- ski-ers gone home, summer folk not come yet. Very pretty, spectacular look outs over the lakes. This is bear country, and we were following bear prints on our hikes, which kept us alert.
Yellowstone was our favourite- a unique place, so much volcanic stuff in one place. We even saw a geyser erupt for the first time in 9 years- good timing or what?
All in all a fantastic trip- we loved America- didn't think much of the food, but great scenery, and people wonderful.
We will return!!!
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