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October 1999 - Black and White Bears, Canada 
September 1998 - Elephants, Sharks and Buddhas, Sri Lanka and Maldives
October 1996 - Around Peru, Inca Trail and Macchu Piccu, Peru
December 1995 - The Safari Parks of Malawi
April 1995 - Trans-Siberian Railway to Beijing- Russia, Mongolia and China
April-May 2000 - Great National Parks of the West, United States
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April 2000- Auroras and landscapes, Shetland Islands

Sept 2002-
Norway: the beautiful north: landscapes and northern lights
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written travelogues will follow in due course.....
Nov 2000- Jan 2001- Around the World - with links to adventure and tour companies used - Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, San Francisco
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