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Updated Oct 15, 2001

DotMedieval Re-creation Sites

Society for Creative Anachronism - Welcome to the Current Middle Ages!

Kingdom of An Tir Page- the SCA kingdom for my area

The Barony of Lionsgate - close to my area

Regia Anglorum - Viking and Anglo-Saxon historical recreation group

Medieval Teens Website - site by teenage SCA members

DotGeneral Celtic Sites - The Online Celtic community.

Irish Net - Online Irish community

Irishencyclopedia - a massive grouping of Irish links

Irish Culture & Customs - encyclopedic massing of Irish lore & tradition

DotMedieval Arts and Crafts

The SCA Arts and Sciences Homepage

Phiala's String Pages - Cardweaving galore. Great pictures.

Medieval Blackwork Embroidery

Medieval Pavilion Resources - an amazing look at medieval tents for SCA use

Master Huen's Boke of Gode Cookery - beautiful site with lots of information

Weavershand - weaving links

Dot Celtic and Medieval Art

Aidan Meehan's Celtic Design Homepage

The Celtic Art and Illumination Page - amazing page with Celtic art tutorials and free clip art

Strange Benedictions - free medieval and other clip art

Gaelic Language Sites

Gaelic Languages Info Page - informative, lots of links

Gaelic Dictionaries Online

Online Gaelic Lessons

Dot Celtic and Medieval Music

Ceolas Celtic Music Archive - tons of music and lyrics

The Bodhran Page - An in-depth source for the Irish drum.

Lark in the Morning - Music store carrying all the instruments for traditional tunes.

Dagonell's Web Page - check out Dagonell's Bardic Notebook for lyrics

Dot Celtic and Medieval Stores and Products

SCA Merchant List- lots of great companies and craftsmen

Celtic Merchant List- Jewellery, music, books, plaques, etc.

Gael Force - Carrying a wide selection of Celtic music, art, and crafts.

Celtic Rose - really cool celtic silverwork and good prices

Celtic Knotwork Handbags - cool Celtic patterned bags

Jurban Rings - beautiful Celtic rings

Celtic Weaver - Company supplying Old Celtic costume

The Celtic Shoppe - A wonderful store carrying jewellery, tartans, coats of arms, and more.

Dot Costuming and Garb

The Costume Site

Clothing of the Ancient Celts - very interesting with a lot of resources

Anna's LARP Crafts Links Page - very useful and informative

British LARP site with costume resources

DotMedieval Combat

The Official SCA Combat Page - lots of information and links here.

The Ultimate SCA Battle Page - it may not be ultimate yet but it has a lot of pictures of SCA fights (on the field, not around the stewpot!)

Sara's Chainmail Connection - very interesting

Dot Arts & Crafts Movement and Pre-Raphaelite Sites

The Online Arts and Crafts Society

Pre-Raphaelite Society

Founders Of The Arts & Crafts Movement

A Tour of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh House

DotWilliam Morris Sites

The William Morris Homepage

The Canadian William Morris Society Page

Friends Of The William Morris Gallery - nice pictures

Online William Morris Archives

William Morris and Arts & Crafts Today

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