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        Well folks, this is it. No mor Miss Nice Girl. Literally. She died in FF Ep# 24 of the New Element Jonny Quest Series. Besides, it was brought to my attention that she was a classic insert character. So, that fic is getting MAJORLY EDITED, and we lost the whole...light blue background and dark blue words...it clashed with the sign. Anyway...this is the new AA page...hehe I love being able to say that...sound like the real thing, ne?

((NE -- A Japanese ending put on a sentence much like n'est pas? in French...in other words it turns the sentence into a question without using a "real" question word. But if you really think of the meaning of the word 'real'...))

        More than just the layout changed this time though folks...the whole idea of the AA page. The ANIME ANONYMOUS page is now solely devoted to Fanfiction. No specific type...though there will be obvious favoritism's at first. But there are some I have already written. For instance...

        Cute banner ne? You like the way I take pictures and make up my own banners? I do that a lot. For instance...I've done other picture alterations...such as the links to each of these sites...they come in JPEG form, because I like that form best. Here's Utena link button...or not. I'll make a page of them and link it at the bottom.

        But now, onto the reason for all of this...
        Us Americans (my English teacher *will* kill me for that part), are usually obsessed with cartoons...but let's face it...American cartoons aren't the best when it comes to Animation content...except for Invasion America, that is. I'm writing an IA fic too...But anyway...We love animation...hence the reason there are so many sections of Japanime (as I affectionately call it) in the video stores. But the fact is...sometimes the shows end. (Utena, for instance, really leaves you hangin', so to speak), and that is where fanfiction comes in.

        'In this great big wide world...there are two kinds of people...those who live with pain, and those who scorn it.' I myself try and scorn pain as much as possible. I choose NOT to let characters, or stories die...and because of that I write fanfic...also because the ideas clogging my head from day to day are so annoying I write them down just to spite them. (No, I don't here little voices as well.)

        Below are the pathways (or soon will be or whatever) to the stories I have written. I am NOT a self-insertionist...in fact most of my stories begin with just the main characters, and Bloodlines doesn't have any other major characters than...Rita, Rafe, and Cale *_* I love Rafe, I love Cale...I love...::Snaps out of it::. (Sorry guys, I didn't put David in it.) But a lot of times when we pass out of the existing world for our favorite characters it is somewhat necessary to add alternates for some reasons. I will list them according to the way I've written things:

  1.                 How do you tie Jessie, Jonny, Hadji, and Benton into a Lake Michigan beach scene? Huh? How??!! (And don't start with the science stuff because I can't take that right now. I hate science...Yea, I know, then why am I writing about Jonny Quest.)

  2.                 I've not found any "real" (we all know what I think about that word) information on the SDF-4 crew...all the timelines I've read either end with Minmei's death or her transfer to the "pocket of protoculture" with Rem...mmm...Rem...Wait a minute...So I had no background to go on for those characters other than that Lisa, ADMIRAL HAYES-HUNTER, is the commanding officer. Roy II's veritech piloting and Rick's trouble with that aspect of his son's military career are all fictitious...which means, yes everyone stand back, they all came out of my head. But how else could I make Roy an essential character other than to add something about his 'abilities' ?? (Another beautiful word, lemme tell you)

  3.             The Sailor Moon Alternative Universe...SM Alternaverse for short...is simply NOT in the storyline of the original 5 series of SM...so there is no question about that one. How else would I come up for Darien's sister and Serena's brother?? I doubt there is any history of a Lord Barol or a King Serenity either...hmm? I didn't think so. But the fact is that Serena, though you could go that way with a really off the wall fic, was NOT an immaculate conception. (If you don't know what immaculate means, ask mommy or daddy...no don't!!)

  4.             I like creating characters.

  5.             Mine look funny...funnier than the syndicated characters anyway. They are actual people...or could feasibly walk up to you on the street and ask you for five bucks for a cab...if there were cabs around.

  6.             Isn't it fun second guessing yourself on how things would be without them??

  7.             I'm sick of making this list now....



         As of right now, I don't own any of these characters...Utena &Co.; The Sailormoon cast; Invasion America; Robotech (Lisa, Rick, Roy , Roy II , Minmei, Dana, Max, Miriya, Aurora , or anyone else I left out . All rights are the owners', all these pictures and these characters were used without permission...but this is and will remain a FAN SITE...for FANS, intended FOR FANS, and other things...up to and including the time when I become a Published writer. (If ever!!) or can get these things published legally. So please, don't sue poor little old me...or if you have a major problem, email me.

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