" Until the heart is open and the mind is gone , nothing can be done , nothing ..... "


For all those who read the song printed on the garbage bag

     Welcome and thanks for tracking me down          

uthion   series one    early  1997
uthion   series two    late    1997

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The story so far ......
the song on the trash bag ......
there's millions out there somewhere ......
* plastic is forever.......

" One day our brave planet got sucked , sucked back into the glory of a sun going supernova,
some copies of this song escaped the CHAOS and drifted endlessly onwards
riding the solar winds through space , on everlasting black plastic platforms .
Shakespeare's works and everyone elses unfortunately did not escape the fire . "

......  and while all these grizzly things happen   ......  a   song  .

" This is the original version of the song that gets trashed 1000'S of times each day "  

             Listen  to        " Torch the Night "    from CHAOS through CHAOS into CHAOS
or to other songs by Wolfgang Speak

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