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Math vs. The Kids of America

What is with kids today? They can do anything on a computer, yet can not count back simple change on a cash register. In a recent stop at McDonalds , the employee forgot to press the " Money Tendered" button. He then struggled to count back the change, and got it wrong I might add. We are not talking hundreds of dollar's here. Just change of a Ten for a cheeseburger and fries. I helped the dude out, as I worked a cash register for a few years in High School and College. I thought nothing of it, until it happened again at Quick Chek. This time the employee entered all the tender information and still shorted me Five dollars. That's two! Back to Mickey D's for number three and this time I did, in fact, receive the correct change. However , I received four cheeseburgers, four fries, two orders of eight piece chicken nuggets , and a chicken fajita. What is wrong with that you may be thinking? Nothing really, but I only ordered one chicken fajita, two fries, and two cheeseburgers. Where the nuggets came from , I have no idea. My point? It's simple! The kids of America are TOO computer literate. What I mean is that they can do almost anything on a computer. They can probably hack into the airport and land planes, but if it does not give them the answer right off the bat, they can not use their MIND to figure it out. How hard is it to count change from a ten dollar bill? A little less technology and a little more homework! Thank you for your time, may I take your order?

Ed Sinawa

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