May 18, 2005

Dear Mr. xxx,

Thank you for writing to me. As I unfortunately expected, it would be a local ecclesiastical leader that would try and address my concerns and not church leadership from Salt Lake City. I am amazed that you do not see this as a problem. We have examples from the New Testament where Jesus suffered children and adults to approach him, yet the Mormon highest leadership has placed themselves behind a curtain and will not answer the lowly member’s questions. I would have hoped for an answer from an authority of the church and not simply a local ecclesiastical leader. But no.

I am nearing the end of my studies revolving around Mormon versus Christian theology, history of the church and writings of the early leaders and study of cult mentality. You ask “what is it that you expect to accomplish with your letters?” In any spiritually abusive relationship, many different techniques are used to help with the recovery. The writing of those letters and the books I am writing on the topics of Mormon vs Christian theology and the Mormon Temple ceremony are cathartic in helping me understand my feelings and to find the Christian God. It also helped me to determine if the Mormon leadership at the highest levels were true followers of Jesus or not. I imagine people asked why Martin Luther King Jr wrote what he wrote and spoke what he spoke; or the founding fathers of our country or any other patriot or follower of God. I do not place myself at their level but follow in their footsteps in searching out the truth and talking out against injustices. The Mormon church is about corporate identity and fitting in. It is not about the individual and their relationship to God. Think on the covenant made in the temple. You do not give your time talents and energies to God but to the church.

You said to me in your letter that I need to repent. I would ask, if you have not had discourse or personal experience with me how would you know if I was in some major sin or not? I have not committed any grievous sins. I am faithful to my wife, I treat my children and wife lovingly, I am honest in my dealings with my fellow man, I give Christian service, teach my children about God, lead family prayer in my home and encourage them to be good Christians. I am not perfect and do make mistakes and like everyone must repent of daily mistakes. However, now I feel the love of God instead of his disdain.

My heart has softened and I listen even more carefully now to the prompting of the spirit. I have fully accepted Jesus and have a much deeper relationship with God than I ever did when attending the Mormon church. I have visited a number of churches since I began to see the problems with Mormonism and find more Christian worship outside of the Mormon church than in. You said in your letter “William, as the Stake Presidency of the Flagstaff Stake, we have strong testimonies of Joseph Smith, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Boyd K. Packer as being prophets of God. We agree with you that these were and are not perfect men. But they spoke and speak the truth that God has wanted them to speak.” Many different people believe in many different individuals. Many believed that David Koresh and Jim Jones spoke for God. Many believed in Naziism, but does that make them right. I believe in the teachings of Jesus. I do not put my faith in the arm of flesh as you do. I have compared the teachings of the Mormon church against the teachings of Jesus, even those as the Mormon church gives in the Book of Mormon and find the Mormon leadership lacking and teaching a different Gospel than that taught by Jesus and the writers of the New Testament. At least the Book of Mormon was a Christian document in the 1830 version. I testify to you that you follow after false gods and that you and the highest leadership of the Mormon church are in apostasy from Jesus’ church. And that you have changed the plain and precious truths and have weighed them down with false teachings.

I pray that you will look carefully at what you believe in and that you will cast off your demonic beliefs and accept the true Christ. You are following a lie and the core of the Mormon church is rotten. You follow a different Gospel than that given by Jesus and taught by Paul:
2Co:11:3: But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.
2Co:11:4: For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

I have joy in Christ. I have felt his forgiveness for my sins. I read the scriptures faithfully and pray. When I talked with xxx xxxI felt darkness from him and was attacked by him with spiritual blackmail. I have no need to go through that again. I have talked with pastors and priests from other churches and have had wonderful discourse. Discourse without argument. I cannot say the same thing about discourse with Mormon leadership.

I am happy with my life. I am on a good path, not one that is full of guilt and shame. I do not expect to write to Mormon leadership again. All of my future writing will be geared towards publication and helping others. And I am doing the writing as a member of the church to bring to peoples’ awareness the failings of the Mormon leadership to follow Christ.

I have asked a number of questions in the past. I have also read the apologetic drivel as given by groups like FAIR and FARMS. I would ask you to carefully look at the following list of questions and to think about their meaning and impact upon a Christian. I would also ask you to consider why the Mormon leadership whitewashes church history and in print has stated its stance against truth?

* If the Book of Mormon is true, why do Indians fail to turn white when they become Mormons? (2 Nephi 30:6, prior to the 1981 revision).
* If the Book of Mormon is true, then why has the Mormon church changed it? Examples are: 1 Nephi 11:21; 19:20; 20:1 and Alma 29:4. Compare these with the original Book of Mormon.
* How did Joseph Smith carry home the golden plates of the Book of Mormon, and how did the witnesses lift them so easily? (They weighed about 230 lbs. Gold, with a density of 19.3 weighs 1204.7 lbs. per cubic foot. The plates were 7" x 8" by about 6". See Articles of Faith, by Talmage, page 262, 34th ed.)
* If Moroni devoutly practiced the Mormon Gospel, why is he an angel now rather than a God? (Doc. & Cov. 132:17,37)
* Why do Mormons emphasize part of the Word of Wisdom and ignore the part forbidding the eating of meat except in winter, cold or famine? (Doc. & Cov. 89:12,13).
* Why did the Nauvoo House not stand forever and ever? (Doc. & Cov. 124:56-60).
* If Jesus was conceived as a result of a physical union between God and Mary, how was Jesus born of a virgin? (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 1, page 50).
* How did Nephi with a few men on a new continent build a temple like Solomon's while Solomon needed 163,300 workmen and seven years to build his temple? (1 Kings 5:13-18 and 2 Nephi 5:15-17).
* Why was Joseph Smith still preaching against polygamy in October 1843 after he got his revelation in July 1843 commanding the practice of polygamy? (Doc. & Cov. 132; and History of the Church Vol. 6, page 46, or Teachings of the Prophet, page 324). Along with this how do you justify Joseph Smith having relations and being married to adolescent girls, other men’s wives, and mothers and their own daughters at the same time. How can God condone adultery in his prophet? Emma caught Smith with a teenager having sex.
* God rejected the fig leaf aprons which Adam and Eve made (Gen. 3:21). Why do Mormons memorialize the fall by using fig leaf aprons in the secret temple ceremonies?
* If church leaders are truly inspired and the Temple ceremony is as important as it is made out to be, then how could the Veil ceremony in Navajo have been missing pieces? How do I know? I was an authorized veil worker for Navajo and reported it and do not know if it was ever fixed as I did not see it fixed in my tenure. Was this a way to assure that only whites made it to the celestial kingdom?
* Joseph Smith said that there are men living on the moon who dress like Quakers and live to be nearly 1000 years old. Since he was wrong about the moon, is it safe to trust him regarding the way to Heaven? (The Young Woman's Journal, Vol. 3, pages 263-264.)
* How can a man who is not a descendant of Aaron hold the Aaronic Priesthood? (Numbers 16:40; Heb. 7:13,14).
* How could Joseph Smith teach in the Lectures on Faith that God is a spirit and only Jesus had a body if he actually had the First Vision as the church teaches it today?
* Why can’t we find traces of steel, swords, chariots, horses, barley, etc in use by pre-Columbian indigenous Christian peoples who supposedly inhabited the northern and southern lands of the Americas for hundreds of years when we can find evidence of Viking settlements in Greenland that were inhabited for less than two decades? We also see no hints of Christianity in the mythology of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Why?
* Why are there no linguistics relationships between American Indian languages and Hebrew or Egyptian?
* If the plates were real, why would it take faith to see them? (D&C17:2) (How could he have translated without the plates, as his scribes said, if he was doing a literal translation of a physical object?)
* Why was Joseph Smith arrested for "money digging" and convicted of being a disorderly person? He admitted to being a money digger, though he said it was never very profitable for him (History of the Church, V. 3, p. 29). He and his father's money digging continued until at least 1826. On March 20th, 1826, Joseph was arrested, brought before a judge, and charged with being a "glass-looker" and a disorderly person. The laws at that time had what was known as the "Vagrant Act." It defined a disorderly person as one who pretended to have skill in the areas of palmistry, telling fortunes or discovering where lost goods might be found. According to court records Justice Neely determined that Joseph was guilty, though no penalty was administered, quite possibly because this was a first offense (Inventing Mormonism, Marquardt and Walters, SLC: Signature Books, 1994, pp.74-75).
* Why is the vision of the Tree of Life in the Book of Mormon so close to a reported dream by Joseph Smith’s father?

I could go on with many more questions but these will suffice. Think on these questions carefully. And ask yourself, would a loving God who is interested in his children’s welfare lie or hide things from them? Would you willfully withhold information from your children that they needed to live and return back to you? I know I would not.

You may feel that you hold authority over me. I do not accept your authority as you follow false teachings and false prophets. The only thing you can possibly do to me is to throw me out of your church.

In love I would ask you to come unto Christ. Give up your false prophets and false teachings and embrace the true love and true Gospel of Christ.


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