Star and Sentinel

Gettysburg, PA July 1863

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Lee Scouring the Spoils

General Lee is reported as denying in the upper Potomac region for the purpose of gathering the harvest in the Shenandoah Valley, and scouring the spoils which he carried away from Pennsylvania and Maryland. The necessity for doing this was rendered inperative by the reluction of Port Hudson and Vicksburg and Tennessee Railroad by Colonels Powell and Toland at Wytheville. A great portion of the Rebel suppiles has been cut off by our victories during the present month, and they will be compelled henceforth to husband carefully all they may obtain from their linited resources. On Wednesday last Ewell moved from Martinsburg towards Harper Ferry while Longstreet advanced toward Shepherdstown. But their movements were evidently intended as mere feints, since reconnaissance made the next day by General Lockwood developed the fact that they had already made a retrograde move and reoccupied Martinsburg and Wischester. Lee is now thought to be retreating toward Richmond via Culpeper Court House the main body of his army being below Front Royal.

Later- Advice from the Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac, recieved at Washington show that the army has been actively and successfully employed during the last week. By rapid marches they have succeeded in baffling Lee's attempts to get into Eastern Virginia and forced him to retreat toward Staunton. His attempts to get possession of the gaps of the Bine Ridge were forestalled. At Ashby's and Manasssas he was driven back with loss. At Chester Gap our cavalry recaptured eleven hundred head of cattle, and several hundred head of sheep, stolen from Pennsylvania. A large number of horses have also been recaptured, The principal flight of the week occurred on Thurdsay, when a brigade of infantry probably Lee's rear guard were driven through Front Royal. The cavalry have done excellent service, completely keeping Stuart in check and preventing raids on our rear and flank. The country through which the army has passed is nuctterably poor and the inhabitants near to starvation. The railroad is in running order to Warrenton, and the army was receiving it supplies for that direction.

A dispatch from the Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac to Major General Schenck, dated at Front Royal, VA, on Saturday morning he had written and Lee's whole army was undoubtedly en route to Culpepper and Orange Court House. His rear probably passed the Shenandoah at Front Royal and Strausburg. Brig. Gen. Lockwood, commanding at Harpers Ferry also states that the enemy has disappeared from that region and is nowhere North of Winchester.

Adams Sentinel, July 1863


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