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The purpose of this site is to promote knowledge of the Pacific WWII theatre.
Also included is information/additions for a number of computer games, in particular Panzer General II.  Included in this site is a patch to permit Panzer General II to be played in the Pacific.
Panzer General II DownLoads Available
Builder's Paradise Forum

This forum is a place where gamers, designers or any one interested in Panzer General can discuss issues and ideas or problems.
Pacific Theatre Equipment file V2 and maps.
Scenarios using the Pacific File
Whats New!!:
22 March 2001: New excel sheet of units in the file
5 Jan 2001: Fixed up links, new excel sheet for V2 of the file.
27 Sep 2000: New Version 1.1 of the Pacific file available, includes new units and graphic.
14 Sep 2000: Fixed up back ground colours.
28 Aug 2000: Added scenario editors that allow the user to include forts/ships and level bombers.

Campaigns using the Pacific File
Sound files
Japanese Zero
Jungle Fighting By Australians in New Guinea
Facts, spread sheets and information on the  Pacific File
Read reviews of the Pacific File
Scenario Editors Australians landing
Web site created 9 Aug 2000
Other Subjects
Interesting Pacific Things
Armies of the Pacific Theatre
Items completely unrelated to the Pacific
My e-mail Address: michaelst35@hotmail.com
W Dickens and M (MadMike) Thorne take a well desired rest after vending off questions about their Pacific file.
American PG2 players give two hands up vote of confidence in the Pacific file while Japanese players reserve their opinion.
Link to W Dickens Pacific Site, lots of good stuff!!

This The Panzer General 2 Ring site owned by Michael Thorne (MadMike).
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