Pictures of USS WICHITA (CA-45)

Here are pictures of USS Wichita.

Click on an image or "enlarge" for a full view.

Wichita shown here in 1944.     (26k, enlarge)

Nice overhead view of Wichita in May, 1940.     (47k, enlarge)

View of Wichita at Scapa Flow in April, 1942. The carrier Wasp (CV-7) is in the background.     (24k, enlarge)

Wichita shown on patrol of the North Atlantic while attached to the British Home Fleet.     (27k, enlarge)

Wichita firing a broadside in 1945.     (22k, enlarge)

Undated view of Wichita.     (18k, enlarge)

Postcard picture of Wichita (circa 1940) showing her port side.     (21k, enlarge)

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