What's New on the
USS Tuscaloosa/USS Wichita Site

     Here is a quick summary of significant changes to make it easier for repeat visitors:

  Early 2003 CONSTRUCTION page:  link to blueprints of Tuscaloosa.
HISTORY page:  link for Tuscaloosa locations throughout its entire life.
  October 2001 VETERANS ASSOCIATION page:  link to highlights for the 2001 reunion and other reunion pictures.
  June 2001 HISTORY/FDR page - added new picture of signed FDR photo from POs' mess aboard Tuscaloosa.
  May 2001 PICTURES page - Wichita - other:  added picture.
CREW page:  some new pages found on the internet.
  January 2001 CREW page (and also Vet Assoc and Contact pages):  link to information on and link for the New Discussion Forum.
CREW page:  link to information on and pictures of the Tuscaloosa County (Alabama) Veterans Memorial, including a mast and gun from USS Tuscaloosa.
  November 2000 VETERANS ASSOCIATION page:  link to highlights for the 2000 reunion.
MAIN page:  added webrings.
HISTORY page:  link to list of Tuscaloosa's Commanding Officers and awards.
CREW page:  New section for links to web sites featuring shipmates.
  October 2000 CREW page:  new article by Buddy Bell on Psychological Warfare based on propaganda leaflets he encountered while flying a scout plane from USS Tuscaloosa over the island of Okinawa.
  Sept./Oct. 2000   The site now combines a site for USS Tuscaloosa with USS Wichita.
CREW page:  link to a new SHIPMATE LOCATOR, and two documents about going ashore.
SEAPLANES page:  new pictures.
PICTURES pages:  Faster loading pictures.  More pictures of Tuscaloosa and revised annotated diagram.  New section of other views of Wichita.
VETERANS ASSOCIATION page:  link to a new Veteran's Benefits page for information on obtaining military records, replacement medals and some VA benefits.
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