The Tuscaloosa County (Alabama) Veterans Memorial is located in Tuscaloosa.  The memorial includes the mainmast and a 5-inch gun from USS Tuscaloosa.  Pictures are provided by Rhett D. Harrell, Jr. (Rhett's late father served on Tuscaloosa from May 1942 to December 1945).  Rhett describes the location of the memorial as being in front of the University Mall off McFarland Blvd (off I-59) before you get to the University of Alabama.  It would be on the right side of the road, along with a jet plane and a helicopter.

Click on either the highlighted text or the thumbnail image for a larger and clearer view of each picture.

The memorial site is described by this markermemorial marker

The Tuscaloosa's mainmast rises elegantly against this overcast sky.  USS Tuscaloosa mainmast

One of Tuscaloosa's 5-inch guns as preserved at the memorial.  5-inch gun

A marker describing the 5-inch gun.  gun marker

A marker briefly describing the service of Tuscaloosa (with a reflection of the mast visible).  USS Tuscaloosa history marker

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