Pictures of USS TUSCALOOSA (CA-37)

Here are pictures of USS Tuscaloosa.

Click on an image or "enlarge" for a full view.

Tuscaloosa shown during her outfitting at New York Shipbuilding Co.     (44k, enlarge)

Source:  50 Years:  New York Shipbuilding Corporation.  (Camden, NJ:  New York Shipbuilding Corporation, 1949).

Tuscaloosa shown on 23 August 1935 in the Pacific.     (50k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa shown on 19 December 1939.  She is off Virginia after having picked up the crew and passengers of the scuttled German cruise liner Columbus.     (55k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa shown c. 1939.  The picture is signed:  "Lee P. Johnson, Captain, USNavy".     (88k, enlarge)

[thanks to the family of the late Lt. Commander Kenneth Eymann]

View of Tuscaloosa from a U.S. Navy poster probably 1940.  Note the seaplanes on the catapult and reception tent at the stern.     (53k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa in March 1942 as she appeared while operating with the British "Home Fleet" based in Scapa Flow.     (48k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa shown in probably fall of 1942 - view of the port side.     (44k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa shown in probably fall of 1942 - view from aft.     (47k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa shown on 10 November 1944 near the Philadelphia Navy Yard.  Hving just completed a refit, Tuscaloosa would soon be headed for the Pacific.     (31k, enlarge)

A composite of a line drawing and two photographs of the Tuscaloosa, marked to indicate some of her features.     (66k, enlarge)

Drawing of the Tuscaloosa from a collection of postcatds produced by a Cuban chocolate company in the late 1930's or early 1940's.     (37k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa in an undated, pre-war image.     (44k, enlarge)

View of the Quincy (CA-39) -- at left -- and Tuscaloosa - at right in background - near the Straits of Magelaan, 14 May 1939, during the South American Goodwill Cruise.     (54k, enlarge)

Tuscaloosa moored in Scapa Flow, Scotland, April 1942, while operating with the British "Home Fleet.".     (36k, enlarge)

View of Tuscaloosa during the war.     (29k, enlarge)

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