Welcome to the SHIPMATE LOCATOR for USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) and USS Wichita (CA-45).

This page is provided for those who served aboard these ships or their relatives.  To add an entry, just email me with the relevant information (see the table headings below and the examples).

Please see the page for contact information for how to email me.

SHIP YOUR NAME (or on whose behalf you are looking) YOUR RELEVANT SERVICE INFO (years aboard, division, rate/rank, etc.) MESSAGE (who you want to hear from) (together with their relevant info such as years aboard, division, rate/rank, etc.) Contact info (email or mail address)(and your info if looking on behalf of someone) Ref #
Example John Paul Jones 1943-1945, Captain Anyone who remembers me E01abc00
Example John Paul Smith 1942-1944, V Division Anyone who remembers my grandfather His grandson: E02abc00
Example John Paul Brown 1940-1943, USMC Any Marines aboard Please just contact the webmaster.  He'll contact me. E03abc00
-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
Tuscaloosa Thomas Rovito  Feb.'43 to Dec.'45 I am looking for:  William Herbert Johnson from N. or S. Carolina (maybe Greenville?); came aboard Feb 10, 1943 from quartermaster school in Newport R.I. T01oct00
TuscaloosaGeorge F. EmerichJan.'44 to Oct.'45; Engineering,"B"Div; Lt(jg) Anyone who remembers megemerich@tfb.comT15oct00
Tuscaloosa Max Y. Marshall 1944-1945; Seaman First Class (Gunner); I used to run the gun T-2 I am looking for:  Boatsman First Mate Haley Green from Alabama, and also anyone who remembers me. T15nov00
Tuscaloosa  Albert J. Carhart 1940-1945; Fireman, First Class My father died Dec. 28, 1998, of cancer.  Want to hear from anyone who knew him.  Especially anyone who remembers the coffee pot funeral.  His daughter:
Tuscaloosa  John Dreyer '45-'46; from Philadelphia Anyone who would like to contact my father. T23feb01
 Tuscaloosa Francis E. McMullen  July '43-Oct. '45
Fireman First Class
#4 Boiler room 
I would like to hear from someone who has a Pacific Cruise yearbook and or pictures. His grandaughter:
Tuscaloosa  James P. Coffey  '41 - '45?
Looking for anyone who knew my father or anyone wishing to exchange info His son:
Tuscaloosa William D. Smithson aka "WD" or "Smitty") WWII years: '41 - 44 (?) I'm looking for anyone who remembers my Dad. His daughter:
-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
 Wichita Bob Alexander  Nov.'42-Nov.'45; CN Div.; Bgmstr. 3/c I am looking for:  Lucian(?) Reed, BM1, 3rd Div. W01oct00
 Wichita George Quentin Kelley, from Detroit, MI Dec.'41-Dec.'45(?); Third Div.; Cox (?) [Died in 1957 of colon cancer] Anyone who remembers my father or who has thoughts or information about the crew's exposure to radiation at Nagasaki. His son: W12nov00 
 Wichita Richard Lee Harless WWII years: (?)-'45 Beloved grandfather...died Sept-2000 Altzheimers Disease.   Want any/all stories from this ship.   Did you know him? His grandson: W20nov00 
Wichita  Donald G. Larson  Feb. '43-Feb. '46
Seaman 1st class in 1st Division. 
I would be interested in talking to anyone who was in 1st Division. His daughter:
Wichita  Willie K. McNabb aka "Tex" and "Bill" Including time in Atlantic and Pacific;
I'm looking for anyone who remembers my Dad.   His daughter:
Wichita George S. Mabee 1942-44; division 7; S1cLooking for Jack Earl Hetling,Robert McGrath; Barnet or other shipmates W16sep01

Please see the page for contact information for how to email me.

Although some of the information is geared to finding air crew memebers, click here for a site with very good suggestions on finding a shipmate.

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