See the legend below for a description.

annotated diagram of USS Tuscaloosa

A = the 8" main guns (8" 55 Caliber Surface-Fire Artillery)

B = the 5" secondary guns (5" 25 Caliber Dual-Purpose Artillery)

C = the 40mm antiaircraft guns (Bofors 40mm 56 Caliber Multi-Purpose Artillery

D = the cranes for recovery of the seaplanes

E = the catapults for launching the seaplanes

F = the aviation deck (the hangars are aft - to the left in this view)

G = the post supporting the catapult, on which the catapult rotated outward

H = examples of the 20mm antiaircraft guns (Oerlikon 20mm 70 Caliber Anti-Air Artillery)

Note:  guide letters only shown for a view if that element is easily seen in that view. Oval cross-hatched items in top diagram are lifeboats which were stored various places.

Note:  The line drawing and the lower black and white phote represent the ship sometime from 1942 on.  The middle color photo is c. 1940.  Thus, in the middle color photo, the ship did not yet have the additional protection around the 5-inch guns (B), did not yet have the 40mm antiaircraft guns (C) and most likely did not yet have the 20mm antiaircraft guns (H).

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