My Life As An Unschooler

"Education, at best, is ecstatic."
--George B. Leonard, Education and Ecstacy

Major renovations in progress! I'm working on moving this site to this location and massively updating it. Most of the updates aren't ready to be posted yet. Some of the links here point to pages on the old site. It's a mess. Please bear with me. If you spot any typos or formatting-gone-wrong, please let me know; I haven't proofread everything yet! Blue pages are the new site; purple pages are the ones I haven't moved yet.

Overview of my unschooling experience. "Unschooler? What's an unschooler???" Unschooling is an approach to homeschooling that is often described as child-led learning. Here is the form it has taken for me.

My experience with writing. New! Excerpted and condensed from my book-in-progress (this is not the really old essay I used to have on this subject). In school I learned to hate and fear writing; as a homeschooler, I didn't write for years... An account of how being allowed to fall behind on a subject was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Socialization--Newly posted! An essay I wrote when I was in the middle of my transition to the college social scene, on that transition and the infamous W.A.S. question in general.

My college journal. A collection of details about and thoughts on what the first year of college was like for an unschooler.
Fall '97
Fall '97: concluding thoughts
Spring '98
One of these days, I'll edit these down a bit and post a few notes on where I've gone since then (including transfering twice, leaving home, becoming a full-time student from necessity, and spending a whole semester studying only three novelists).

A Brief Book Excerpt. In Better Than School, Nancy Wallace explains how she and her husband raised their children to be their friends. It was the same in my family; I offer her wonderful description because I know I couldn't match it myself. This is especially a "must read" for those who wonder how homeschooling kids and parents can stand to spend so much time together.

Links to other homeschooling sites.

Do you have any questions about homeschooling? I'd love to answer them! Comments are always appreciated too. My email, written oddly to disguise it from spam webrcrawler programs: UNSCHOOLGRAD"at"YAHOO"dot"COM.

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