All the info and tips you could want for Zelda: Ocarina of Time are here! Walkthru's, boss strategies, hints, want it, you got it! I am adding as I play through it again, so I can give the best, most accurate information. And unlike some pages, the info here is not out of any player's guides or anything like that. This is my info...stuff that I have gathered through playing the game. Check back regularly for updates, or subscribe to the mailing list! I'd also really like feedback from ya' if you get me or sign the guestbook, thanks :)

Download the Walkthru here!

Player's Poll!
If Nintendo had Link get married, who would be the lucky girl?
Hey, it's a valid question! :P
Princess Zelda (14) 48%
Malon (6) 22%
Princess Ruto (2) 7%
Saria (5) 17%
Nabooru (0) 0%
Navi (0) 0%
Someone else?
Great Fairy (1) 3%
Old Potion Lady (1) 3%

Please mail me with any info, tips, hints, whatever.

You are the
adventurer to try and save Hyrule from Ganon!

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