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Hey, this is Allison, and this is my new page. I hope you'll enjoy it. There will be my room(watch for mess), a Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers bar,  Kodomo no Omocha Lounge!, Wheel of Time Library, and more I just can't think right now. Don't forget my cast page! Plus, I'll continue to update my old webpage.  Now that the intro's done, welcome to
The Home of Twisted Anime

Yes, thats right, at least, the shows aren't twisted in themselves(Excpet Kodomo no Omocha), it's just that what I do with them on my webpage is twisted. Well, some of them may be twisted, but thats another story. By twisted, I mean A look into Sailor moon's deaths, my wierd fanfics, and my Ronin drinking page. Those teens drink more than is necessary. Well, more later, ~Allison

Updates. For all my pages.

I'm working on everything!! Make sure to check out the WoT animated cast page....under construction, of course! Theres gotta be like 1000 characters in this series!

Allison's Kodomo no Omocha.. check out this series. If you don't I hurt you. I'll get some dudes in mecha to kick your booty.

The Cast of my
              Series... I've stopped working on this.

Go to my Kodocha page

Wheel of

The Ronin's Bar (not worked on much.)

Wheel of Time the Animated Series Cast
Ami says :visit Kara's page or I'll BEAT you!

Links to my other pages

Allison's Interests. Sailormoon, fanfic, WoT.... Just stuff. my first page. It's got links to most of my other stuff

Allison's Kodomo no Omocha See the picture at the right?

The Web Of Destiny my Sailormoon/Wheel of Time Crossover- Good.

Kara's got a new page!

Shh!!!! A well-kept secret is that
I'm starting even  another page. Its gonna be an anime charcter gallery with characters from tons of series. Theres not much there yet, but I will allow you to check out the few pics there and the

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