The Game of WHAT??

Every player came up with a list of 25 people whom we thought might die between January 11, 2004 and December 31, 2004. If any of the people dies by December 31, 2004, whomever picked that person gets points. The player with the most points at the end wins.

We're not sick, really.

We aren't encouraging these people's death, we're just predicting it. Each player did contribute $5 to the game, but the money is really just a token. One of the rules explicitly states that no player may contribute to the death of any people on the list (though it's not specified whether this applies to paying taxes in the case of a government assassination...).

The one pro-lifer

Player 0 is the Angel of Life. The first year that this game was organized, before any lists were even submitted, he declared that if no people on anyone's list die in the whole twelve months, he wins. The rules were appropriately modified to accommodate his request.

Current Game: There is no current game.  Game Over!  Seriously, the game of death has ceased to be indefinitely.  It is pining for the fjords.  The current organizers have said, "No mas," and so it ends for now.  If you are interested in resurrecting the Game of Death, please contact the organizers and they can get you set up.

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A few final notes.

As this is the final year that we'll be running the Game of Death, I just wanted to say thanks for all the morbid fun. As not only the perennially frustrated Angel of Life but also the person who writes most of the pithy text updates on these pages (for which I'm probably going to Hell, especially for when I had to write something funny about the death of Mother Teresa), it's most definitely been a blast. Thanks to all who played and enjoyed! --Mark J

What a fun experience it has been these past eight years playing Game of Death. I remember the first game in 1995, which wasn't run by me, but actually run by Brian Smith. It's nice to see some things that haven't changed, like the old-time style website, which still has frames, making it impossible to reasonably link to pages within the site, and the wonderfully trickling blood in the "Game of Death" icon. In addition, the number of people who have played all eight games are very few: in addition to Mark and me, there's Larry Beiderman and Keith Macklin.

Everybody knows Larry; he's not only responsible for our trophies, he's had a rule named after him, a song dedicated to him (people want to *be* him), been mentioned in the news, and the butt of a couple of top-ten lists that are probably too obscure to detail here. Keith Macklin has been a much more silent player, writing his list, sending me $5 every year with a little note wishing me well. Thanks for playing, Keith.

The first game was actually won by ... me. It was my best submission, and probably my last decent one. Not to fear, we had our fingers on the failing pulse of death-prediction, picking such unlucky folks as Spiro Agnew, Carlos Castenada, Leon Hess, Morton Downey, Jr. and Richard Harris (leaving, as Mark J sadly noted, Peter O'Toole without a drinking buddy.) Marsha's dramatic 1998 victory is also notable. You ought to read some of the old game progressions (see the Results links on the main page.)

There are some notable players, including Mike Richard who won three years in a row. Marsha always gave a great fight, and oddly has a significant series of "Cryogenic Awards", including the coveted "L. Ron Hubbard Cup". If you don't know about this, you really missed out, and can find them by looking at the Awards link on the left-side menu.

Thanks for playing, everyone. I'm sad to see it go. --Rob K

I just wanted to add my two cents as well.  It's been fun helping run and playing this game.  I guess my highlight was managing to win two years thanks to time spent trolling the tabloids for sick celebrities.  I was shocked when I figured out they were pretty accurate about that!  I also remember spending many a New Year's Eve trying to come up with the *perfect* list to send before midnight.  And I really enjoyed the give and take with Rob and the AoL coming up with just the right caption for each death.  My favorite is still Guinness, now in a can.

Anyway, I'll be leaving these pages up for posterity, as I have no plans to replace them with anything.  And it's still free.  Thanks to you all, and take care. --Mark K.

Send comments to Mark K, Mark Jackman, or Rob Konigsberg.

Page last modified March 17, 2004.

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