Hi! Welcome to my pages!! I'm Victoria,your hostess. These pages were made for WebTv users~so~link away! :^) I have a confession tomake....I broke down, and got a computer (actually we now have two!) However,most of these pages were made with a WebTv. I learned sooooo much with my WebTv, that I wanted to do more. I am now in school full time for WebDesign, and loving it. I'll be updating,again,so come on back!! Oh~and won't you PLEASE sign my GUESTBOOK?I'd like to visit your little corner of cyberspace,too!! Besides~don'tcha know it's a great way to promote your site? ;^)

3/18/2001 I'm in the process of updating..TRIPOD has removed all my gifs from their server, so many links to gifs won't work. My later pages will-they are on Geocities. I'm in the process of rebuilding. I'm optimizing gifs for faster download. Please be patient...

.....Much Luv, Vic

Now.....for the moment you've been waiting for(HEHHEH)....THE BRATWURST PICS!!! (Tony and I won a bratwurst eating contest for Gold Circle Pat Benatar tickets at the Pittsburgh Regatta this August.)Try not to judge us too harshly......LOL....(I've been told I have issues....thank you,Pamela!!)

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"Before you take the SPECK out of your brother's eye,
remove the PLANK from your own"~Jesus

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Disclaimer All gifs,and backgrounds were found in use on the web. If any are copyrighted, please email me,and I will remove them promptly. Thank you.

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