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The Story.

I bought my Fiero for 250$ and its in really good condition. I am
going to post some pictures of it as soon as possible to have a
before and after pictures :). I have never had a "project" car before
and I am really excited about this. Ofcourse when i am excited
about something i cant stop to rent and rave :) but i will try and get
everything i am planning on for the Fiero and make it a killer car!
but for now, let me share the dreams and where you can get them
too! :) 

The Upgrades.

check the web sites for more options, information and more
products, I am only listing things I am thinking of buying, there is
much more in each web site!

well, lets begin.

Engine Replacement.
My shop teacher in my high school told me I can get a new Chevy
350 v8 engine for $1,000 so adding $2950 for the v8archie kit it will
add up to $3950.

The Kit includes: 
Engine/Transmission adapter plate, front engine mount, 
a/c mount alternator or mount, torque strut rod, starter 
mounting block, harmonic balancer pulley, custom billet 
flywheel, fasteners as required, printed & video instructions 
remote oil filter kit, remote oil filter adapter, tilton starter 
high performance clutch, custom exhaust system with manifolds, 
4-core radiator, high performance water pump drive system, 
pressure plate bolt, correct flywheel, flywheel bolts, fuel pump 
block-off plate, throttle cable mount, heater hose fitting 5/8", 
heater hose fitting 3/4", heater hose 5/8", heater hose 3/4", 
heater hose clamps (4), fuel pressure regulator, oil filter ph8a, 
fuel line clamps (4), vacuum hoses, radiator hoses, radiator hose 
clamps (12), 90 deg. oil filter fitting, 1/2" street elbo, 1/2" to 
3/8" red. collar, 1/4" to 3/8" coupling, 1/4" x 1" nipples (2), 
1/2" pipe plug, other pipe fittings, fan belt and more..

Total Cost: $3950

Ext. Body Replacement/Modifications.


Custom Hood Cost: $520
Hood Scoops Cost: $170
Fog Lights Cost: $60


Back Scoop Cost: $170

Note: I want to find a real nice spoiler (not the factory one) for the
back something big :) email me if you know a site w/ some variety
spoilers or if you have one for sale at:


Hologen Blue Lamp Kit Cost: $80
these are the blue lights you see on new BMW/AUDI/MERCEDES.

I would like to get a T-TOP Kit, but I was told that they are real hard to find and real expensive, I guess if i ever have extra money I will just get the convertible kit or the sun roof kit, you can basicly create your own kit by just going and buying a Fiero w/ the appropiate top and replacing the top with your Fiero.

Total Cost for EXT. BODY: $1000

Ext. Body Replacement/Modifications.


Leather Seat Kit Cost: $350
Black Carpet Kit Cost: $100


Head Liner Kit* Cost: $70

* i only had a picture of the model with the sunroof and 3rd brake light, ofcourse since i dont have any of these I will order the model with out those cut off.


Leather Door Kit Cost: $180
Leather Sunvisors Cost: $80
Leather Shift and E-Brake Boot Cost: $16 each = $32

Custom Dashboard Kit Cost: Call 1-800-924-8858 for price!


Digital Gauges Kit Cost: $645

Custom Door Panel Cost: $595 Leather available!


Audio System.

I Havent checked with any of my stereo expert friends yet, but i was just browsing around in and found a stereo system I would like, if something dosent work with something or not recommended to use it the way i want to use it i will probably know by then since i will check w/ my stereo friends :) if you have any suggestions please email me! at


The DEH-P85DHR steps up to Supertuner V, adding the Radio Data
System (RDS) to ID Logic. You also get a third set of preamp outputs
with a built-in adjustable low-pass crossover at 50, 80, or 125 Hz -- a
great feature for your subwoofer amp.

MODEL #130DEHP85D Cost: $449.95 

15-inch model X15C4
power range: 125-600 watts RMS 
peak power: 1,200 watts 
frequency range: 23-500 Hz 
sensitivity: 90 dB SPL 
top mount depth: 7" 
sealed box volume: 1.8-2.7 cubic feet 

MODEL #206X15C4 -- Cost: $299.95

I am going to place 2 of those woofers behind the seats 
in a truck style box which is designed for tight spaces.
Two Woofer Set Cost: $600
Two Box Set Cost: ?

ZR600 150W x 2 or 600 x 1 
accepts direct connection of 4 gauge power cable 
10"W x 2-3/4"H x 20"L 

MODEL #206ZR600 -- Cost: $849.95 

Going to use 2 amps one for each subwoofer to get 
600watts from each subwoofer.
Cost of set of Two: $1700

type: 1/2" titanium deposit dome 
power range: 8-65 watts RMS each 
peak power: 130 watts 
frequency response: 4,500-21,000 Hz 
sensitivity: 91 dB SPL 
crossover slope: 12 dB per octave 
surface mount dimensions: 1-15/16" diameter x 1-1/16"H 
flush mount depth: 1-3/16" 

MODEL #206ND13 -- Cost: $99.95 a pair

Going to use 2 pairs in headrests of the seats
Cost of set of Two: $200

TSP-462 -- 4"x6" plate

Key Features:
frequency response 45-32,000 Hz 
recommended power range 2-20 watts RMS 
peak power handling 80 watts 
sensitivity 90 dB 
4 ohm impedance 

MODEL #130TSP462 -- Cost: $139.95 a pair

I was wondering if 4"x6" would fit in a 4"x10" anyways, If i find
speakers to fit I will probably change them.

ZX460 30W x 4 or 120 x 2 

2-, 3-, 4-channel output 
24 dB per octave high-pass crossover with chip-selectable crossover point for two channels 
accepts Active Module for the other two channels 
accepts direct connection of 8 gauge power cable 
10"W x 2-3/4"H x 14-3/8"L 

MODEL #206ZX460 -- Cost: $479.95

Amplifier Accessories:
Kicker Sink Links - Earn style-points for your installation by adding 
sink links between your amplifiers. You can create the appearance of 
just one long amp. 

MODEL #206KSL -- Cost $24.95 

Kicker End Caps - Conceal wires and connectors when you add end caps 
to your Kicker amp.

MODEL #206KEC -- Cost: $19.95 a pair 

Whistler 2290 Remote mount

Key Features: 

compact control panel (2-7/16"W x 3/4"H x 3-1/2"L) mounts
within reach of driver 
radar antenna (4"W x 1-1/2"H x 4-3/16"L) mounts under your
laser antenna mounts on windshield 
LED signal strength display 
separate audio/visual alerts for radar 
city mode 
dark mode 
1-year warranty 

MODEL #229WH2290 -- Cost: ?



for feedbacks please email: 

What did I do so far.

July 1st, 1998
Bought my first Fiero, a 1984 2m4 Fiero for $250.

July 2nd, 1998
Joined the Fiero mailing list on,
any Fiero lover and owner should join this list for
awesome information and meet great people!

July 3rd, 1998
Starting to look at Fiero pages online, and finding
tons of stuff I want on my fiero from variety of 
web sites.

and I started dreaming. :) 
and put up this web site.

here are some pictures of what a 84 fiero would look like in some
diffrent colors, if you have any color suggestions email me:
preaty sloppy job, oh well :)
original picture (white) taken from:

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