I finally got around to updating my site.

Hey,who said "it's about time?!" *s*

Anyway,I hope you enjoy the new look and

other goodies I've found while surfing the net.

Sadly I wont be putting any of my graphics on here

because with all the nice ones Ive found I couldn't

come up with anything better. So,without further ado,my new and improved website! Enjoy!

Don't forget to read the important info at the bottom of the page i.e. credits and how you can see the page like I see it if you're into that type of thing.. *S*


My music page,listen to me sing.


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My Online Journal of random thoughts,or diary of a madwoman. :-)

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To see the page like I see it,you will need the fonts Caligula and Black Chancery. If you do not have these fonts,you can find them at this site.

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