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Hi my name is Linda Terrell, and I love my boxers dearly. I have been lurking on the boxer list for a year. The list helped me when Hercules was a puppy and got lost. If it wasn't for them I don't know how I would have gotten through it with out everyone's support. After a week, someone found him.

I'm married the second time around for 15 years as of April 1st. I have three human kids - two boys and a girl and two grandkids and one on the way. I have two boxers, Blaze BLAZE A FIRE II, born July 24, 1997 and Hercules HERCULES STRONG AND MIGHTY, born July 5, 1997. I also have two Daushounds, Rosco and Cricket and a Husky shepard mix, Precious, and also a cockapoo named Tippy.

Hercules belongs to my husband, Mark, and Blaze is my baby. They both know to shake hands, lie down, high five, and sit up. When we got home from work they all have to go through this routine. When my husband would sit at the table and give them treats. Rosco and Cricket belong to my daughter Ginger .

Among other things, I have five horses that we camp with in the summer and ride the trails. I also have a Yellow Nape Amazon that doesn't know when to shut up and mocks me when I'm on the phone. I started out with Kenya the brindle female in the picture and she had Hercules and eleven other puppies for me. Then I got Blaze when Hercules was eleven weeks old and they have been buddies ever since. Blaze is the flashy fawn out of Knox Benchmark and Interlude bloodlines. Hercules is out of Sir Bruno Von Gustov bloodlines. They are the best dogs I have ever owned.

Click on each of the pictures below to see larger images of each picture!

Blaze at 8 weeks old

Blaze, Hercules and Pearl


Hercules at 8 weeks, Kenya and Bubba

Me and Blaze!

Ginger and Jeannie hitting the trail

Cricket - Second mom to Blaze and Hercules

Rosco, our newest member at 7 months old

Hercules and Ginger

Dakota, my new horse

Azalya is my new silver dapple female mini dauchound and she's about three month old in the picture.

Babe is my buckskin mare - she's seven years old

Slush is my varnished appy - she's 13

Millie is her two year old baby but in the picture she's a year old.

Sweet Dixie Delight is my new filly I just bought from a lady, Sandy Humphrey from North Vernon, Ind. She's a walker, spotted saddle, and racking regs. She's two weeks old in the picture and Harley is her daddy.

Please feel free to send me email with your questions, comments or suggestions by clicking the button below.

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