NOTE: I had to do a computer project for my final and of course I did Nancy Lee Grahn and wally Kurth. I am going to use that page now. New Page. Please take time and look around. All the articles will still be here but I am going to link to the new ones.

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Nancy Lee Grahn Biography
Biography of Nancy Lee Grahn is here!!!

Alexis Davis Biography
Find out about the character Nancy Lee Grahn plays!!

Articles from the soap magazines here!!

Filmography on Nancy Lee Grahn
Ever wonder what movies or TV shows Nancy Lee Grahn has been in!! Well look here.

Meaning of Nancy & Alexis

Pictures of Nancy Lee Grahn here!! More always being added.

Chat Transcripts
Coming soon!!

Wally Kurth Biography
Wally Kurth biography here!!

Ned Ashton Biography


Filmography on Wally Kurth


Chat Transcripts

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