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GRISELDA by Maxfield Parrish

The State of My Life Weekly insight. REALLY old and outdated.
Snipe.Net A fabulously funny site, by one of my dearest friends, filled with gads of useful stuff. Go here!
Enrich International A most excellent supplier of herbs
The Cure's Official Website
Anne Rice My favorite bookstress
Lallybroch A fabulous website dedicated to Diana Gabaldon- haven't read anything Outlandish? What are you waiting for!?
The Bill of No Rights That's right, these are all the things you have no rights to.
Elizagoth's Midwifery Page
Elizagoth's Reading Room Cheerful Original Poetry by yours truly- yes, that was sarcasm. Bring along your Prozac.
The CurseMonger The perfect thing for that hard to get rid of person!
Lady Druantia's Ether Greetings Send and Receive Digital Greetings!

*Wondering what happened to Lady Druantia? I haven't gone by that name for a couple years now, and hence had let this website go by the wayside- until I guiltily noticed that people were actually still stopping by here now and then. I'll try to be more studious this time. ;-) What's up with Elizagoth? It's a moniker given to me by a dear friend after I'd described myself to him. I have a deep and abiding love of all things Renaissance, and am rather dark in nature. Elizabethan + Gothic= Elizagoth= Me. Yes, there will be a quiz later.

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