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MagykAngel's Christo-Pagan Sanctuary

I am working on creating a place for info and links regarding Christo-Paganism.

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Archangel Watchtowers

A Rose by Any Other Name, an article written by a Catholic Witch for SageWoman Magazine.

Principles of Wiccan Belief & Pledge to Pagan Spirituality, a listing of Wiccan beliefs established by The Council of American Witches in 1974, with notes about how they apply to my own personal beliefs and practices.

Also, the Pledge to Pagan Spirituality, which is something I found to be quite interesting and applicable.

If you know of any information or links that would be of help to those following a Christo-Pagan path, feel free to write to me at magykangel@rocketmail.com.

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