We of the Legacy work in the shadows to protect mankind's light from the darkness of evil. We must remain a secret; that is our duty, our burden, and we hold it as best we can. But even amoung our kind, there are some things even we dare not do. Then we send out the call, the word that we need help--and this call is rare, indeed.And they answer. In songs and in whispers, in shouts and thoughts, they answer us, and they come. They battle when they are asked to battle, and stride bravely into the darkness, unafraid of what they will face.They are gypsies and warriors, queens and the misbegotten; every aspect of mankind is represented in their numbers. They hold no rank; no certain House is theirs to command, but when they are called to Tribunal, even London gives them respect. They are our sword and shield, our light in the darkness. As we are mankind's last hope, they are our last hope. They are...the Legacy Brats
Where it all came from

Bratcon 2000!

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Hey, well, we made it! Amazing, isn't it? Okay, ignore the debris, we're still working on perfecting things... especially if that hideous yellow pops up again! Oh, and watch out for the keyboard faeries, they're loose! You can pick up a frying pan at the front desk, but please if you could cart the corpses out with you, we'd highly appreciate it! There's enough unidentified matter laying around already. P.S. Thanx to Gale for our little intro!

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