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Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons
Owensville Lodge No. 624

First Saturday of each month, September through June. Open to the Public, our "All you can eat" Pancake Breakfast. Menu includes: Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy, Juice, Coffee, and Fellowship
Visiting Brethren are always fraternally welcome.
Lodge Officers will practice every Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm.
Congratulations to RWB James Haddox, who received the Order of the Purple Cross, through the York Rite College.
Pancake breakfast on Saturday, April 4, 2009. .
New seating has been installed in the Lodge Room. Thanks to Right Worshipful Brother Roger Grob, Worshipful Brothers Paul Cannon, Joe Durham, Chris Bilbrey and Carl Landwehr for the work they have done in installing these seats. We also want to thank those Brethren who have donated money to help pay for this remodeling.

Thank you to the members of Owensville Lodge who continue to participate and confer the 8�and 13� at the Columbia and St. Louis Scottish Rite reunions.
Congratulations and welcome to Brother Jared Niederer, our newest Master Mason, raised on February 19, 2009.
Congratulations to Wor. Brother John Behrens on his installation as Worshipful Master for the 2008-2009 Masonic year. Brothers Tracy Schnelting and Bruce Chapman were elected as Senior and Junior Wardens.

Lodge History
Owensville Lodge #624 was chartered on September 25, 1912. It was determined at that time to charter a new Lodge instead of reviving the old Cedar Lodge.
Lodge records show we have not "recycled" a Worshipful Master since 1920.

Most Worshipful Brother Thomas C. Warden served as Grand Master of the State of Missouri for the Masonic year of 1989-1990

Past Grand Chaplain Right Worshipful Brother Kevin E. Weaver, 1989-92, 98-99

Past District Deputy Grand Masters Include

RWB Kenneth W. Hackman 1967-1972
RWB Roger L.Grob 1985-1986
RWB Lewis W. Witte 1989-1990
RWB James G. Haddox 1997-1999

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer

RWB Kevin E.Weaver
24th District 1990-1991
26C District 1993-1994

Honors from the Scottish Rite:
33rd Degree, Inspector General Honorary: Thomas C. Warden, Kevin E. Weaver and James G. Haddox
Knight Commander Court of Honour: Kenneth W. Hackman, Christopher L. Bilbrey and Paul R. Cannon

Honors from the York Rite:
Order of the Purple Cross: Kevin E. Weaver and James G. Haddox
James G. Haddox Grand Principal Conductor of the Work of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of Missouri
Knight of York Cross of Honor
Kevin E. Weaver
Representative from the Grand Chapter of Israel, Royal Arch Masons to Missouri Kevin E. Weaver

Past Masters who have served Owensville Lodge.
1912 L.R. Wentzel, 1913 & 1914 G.B. Murray, 1915 & 1916 D.B. Shipley, 1917 & 1918 W.O. Boyd, 1919 & 1920 F.H. Eichler, 1921 James A. Holt, 1922 Chas F. Pohlman, 1923 A.H. Diestelkamp, 1924 J.E. Bryan, 1925 H.P. Huxol, 1926 Chas. S. Hutton, 1927 F. H. Juedemann, 1928 W.A. Murphy, 1929 C.E. Vaughan, 1930 J.S. Arvin, 1931 A. F. Berger, 1932 H. F. Wiese, 1933 J.H. Hansen, 1934 Edgar E. Smith, 1935 B.O. Dyhouse, 1936 Herbert Underwood, 1937 F. A. Schaeperkoetter, 1938 C. T. Berger, 1939 Henry L. Jones, 1940 Ralph E. Warden, 1941 R. M. Murry, 1942 Olin E. Beck, 1943 C. F. Nolting, 1944 E. P. Knehans, 1945 George L. Fritsch, 1946 Don Owens, 1947 Virgil C. Crowder, 1948 Frank T. Alred, 1949 Adrain A. Spurgeon, 1950 Luther A. Willhite, 1951 Herbert W. Schalk, 1952 Leslie E. Spurgeon, 1953 Herbert F. Owens, 1954 James A. Patterson, 1955 LaVergne C. Baxter, 1956 Alfred W. Schalk, 1957 Kenneth W. Hackman, 1958 Edward A. Koch, 1959 Charles L. Jett, 1960 Paul A. Maples, 1961 Elven A. Tegeler, 1962 Raymond V. Graves, 1963 LeRoy F. Vogt, 1964 Albert E. Meade, 1965 Homer F. Kormeier, 1966 Armin W. Landwehr, 1967 Elmer G. Brandhorst, 1968 Howard E. Brandt, 1969 Kermit F. Pohlmann, 1970 Thomas C. Warden (Past Grand Master), 1971 William L. Bloss, 1972 Eldo E. Mesger, 1973 Lewis W. Witte, 1974 Robert G. Mesger, 1975 Billy Joe Schneider, 1976 Hero P. Schmidt, 1977 Alexander Claysmith, 1978 M. Gary Epstein, 1979 Donald J. Ellis, 1980 Calvin O. Schulte, 1981 Roger L. Grob, 1982 William G. Woods, 1983 Paul R. Cannon, 1984 E. Eugene Ketterer, 1985 Paul W. Schulte, 1986 Roger E. Loeb, 1987 Gary K. Pohlmann, 1988 James W. Gooch, 1989 Kevin E. Weaver, 1990 Robert L. McKee, 1991 Richard C. Witte, 1992 Elmar L. Hirsch, Jr., 1993 Virgil D. Hawkins, 1994 James G. Haddox, 1995 Paul I. Gooch, 1996 Stephen E. Flowers, 1997 G. Brian Epstein, 1998 Dennis M. Mistler, 1999 Chris R. Epstein, 2000 H.C. Neese, Jr., 2001 John A. Kreter, 2002 James O.(Hobbie) Malone, 2003 William W.Heath, 2004 Carl D. Landwehr, 2005 Joseph M. Durham, Sr., 2006 Christopher L. Bilbrey, 2007 David M. Haile, 2008 Mark A. Boyd

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